About Us

We are a dynamic technology company with specialist expertise in defence, security, intelligence and cyber. We exist to make a difference in the world and amaze our customers through innovation and delivery.

Our philosophy is simple; we want to make a difference and do amazing things for our customers by putting them at the centre of everything we do.

Our experience is extensive; we specialise in large scale data processing, discovery and search (Big Data), Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics and Natural Language Processing. Combined with our expertise in cloud based infrastructure and middleware services, Deep Sky Blue are uniquely placed to deliver end-to-end solutions that amaze our customers, transform what they can achieve, and make a real difference in the world.

Our People

Our people make the difference. They are bright, passionate, self motivated, creative and we give them the freedom to do amazing things. They are driven to deliver outcomes and solve complex problems for our customers that make a real difference.

We have decades of software engineering experience and have been involved in the successful delivery of some of the most important and complex projects in the UK defence and intelligence sector.

At Deep Sky Blue we understand that our success and our customers' success is driven by our people and we are proud to have created an exciting, dynamic and supportive working environment where talents are given every opportunity to shine through. We help our people discover their strengths and give them the chance to do what they do best every day.

Meet our directors

Richard Yorke:
Managing Director

Delivery and Business Development Manager with a track record of winning and delivering large scale IT and Business Change projects. Passionate about applying agile principles to all aspects of the business and working with customers to define and deliver solutions that make a real difference.

Richard Hensman:
Technical Director

Extensive experience providing technical leadership and support across a wide range of platforms/ technologies. Passionate about making things better by using technology to solve complex problems.

Paul Boardman:
Director of Engineering

Solutions Architect and Systems Engineer responsible for taking systems from initial concepts through to delivery and beyond. Passionate about delighting and exciting our customers and delivering solutions to be truly proud of.

Our Customers

Our philosophy is simple; we want to make a difference and do amazing things for our customers by putting them at the centre of everything we do.

This is what drives us to deliver, not just to milestones on a plan, but real value for our customers.

This is what ensures we build integrity and quality into every product we deliver.

This is what inspires us to find new and better ways to solve challenging, enterprise level problems.

Our customers include major public and private sector clients in the UK Defence and Security sector including Raytheon and the Ministry of Defence.

Deep Sky Blue are proud to partner with Raytheon UK, working alongside them to deliver innovative solutions for our customers and integrating them into complex environments. In collaboration with Raytheon UK, we are playing a key role in delivering the systems of the future that make a real difference to the safety and security of the United Kingdom.

Deep Sky Blue are proud to be working with DSTL and the Ministry of Defence on the research and development of Sherpa, our automated cyber response engine. Through our innovative product development we offer a significant improvement over the capability of MOD’s current products and technologies and help to transform the way they defend against the growing threat of cyber attacks.

Our Services

Software Engineering

At Deep Sky Blue, we love technology and we are passionate about the difference it can make; but we also know this is only part of the solution. We thrive on working alongside our customers in incredibly complex and challenging domains to understand their business problems and ensure our innovative solutions deliver real value.

We pride ourselves on our excellent delivery track record and our approach to software engineering is underpinned by agile and lean practices that ensure we deliver value early and that our solutions adapt to the changing needs and priorities of our customers.

Deep Sky Blue have extensive experience of working with our customers and adapting our delivery approach to their specific needs. We understand that agile is not a process; it is about empowering people, following agile principles and delivering outcomes for our customers.

Devops Operations

We apply our innovative values to product support and, in line with DevOps principles, our team of experienced engineers take ownership for the features they deliver throughout the entire lifecycle. We believe passionately in breaking down the barriers between teams, minimising hand-offs and effective communication. Our DevOps approach, where support, maintenance and ongoing development are delivered by a single team, ensures that vital business functions remain operational and the products we support evolve over time providing value long into the future.

Through use of automation we are able to reduce lead times, improve quality assurance and provide a repeatable and scalable approach to ongoing development, maintenance and support of business critical systems.

By following agile and lean principles, we continuously improve through the use of new technologies and ways of working. In doing so we take the burden of support from clients allowing them to focus on future challenges.

To find more about our Devops Operation please see our: Dev Ops White Paper

Our Products

At Deep Sky Blue our values lead us to develop new innovations that will make a difference and give our people the opportunity to work with leading edge technology, tools and techniques. We know that in the fast moving world of technology, to stand still is to go backwards and so we invest in an active Research and Development pipeline.


Built in collaboration with the MOD’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl), Sherpa is a flexible, lightweight, next-generation Cyber Defence capability. Sherpa reduces the burden on Cyber Analysts, adding deeper insights alongside your existing SIEM if you have one, or reducing the need for one if you don’t.

Using leading edge technology, Sherpa discovers the Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) attackers are using to exploit your network and addresses them with recommended courses of action (COAs). Designed with Threat Exchange in mind, our TTP focus will enable powerful integration with Threat Intelligence feeds to better protect your network.

Unlike most Cyber Defence products, we’ve put as much love and attention into the user experience as we have into our dynamic intelligence engine. Our interface has been designed to ease cognitive load, leaving Cyber Analysts with more brain power to make the right decisions for longer periods of time.

To find out more, please visit the Sherpa website at sherpaapp.net or download the Sherpa Product Brochure


Large organisations have vast quantities of unstructured data containing information that is vital to the success of their business. Our Big Data Insights Platform makes use of Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to provide an enterprise-wide search and data discovery platform that enables organisations to quickly find important information and unlock the value hidden within their data.


At Deep Sky Blue we have built up significant expertise and experience across a wide range of technologies and techniques and we offer bespoke training courses to share this knowledge and expertise.

Bespoke Training

We believe that a tailored training course that meets your precise needs is more beneficial than a generic course that tries to please everyone.

Our experts will work with you to tailor our existing courses to create a bespoke offering to ensure you get the most out of the course.

Delivered by real engineers and experts

Deep Sky Blue’s training is designed and delivered, not by full time trainers, but by engineers and experts who have used the technologies and techniques to solve real world problems.

Our training courses cover the scenarios and issues you encounter in your day to day job, ensuring you leave our training armed with all the knowledge and skills you require.

Locations and Hosting

We are very flexible regarding locations of our training courses. We can provide them at your own premises, at one our Deep Sky Blue locations (Manchester or Cheltenham) or other locations to suit your needs.

Elasticsearch - From Development to Production

Our Elasticsearch course is designed to address the areas that you will not uncover studying the existing Elasticsearch books and online documentation. The information contained in the course has been discovered through real world experience during our numerous Elasticsearch implementations. The course takes delegates with little or no knowledge of Elasticsearch and provides them with a deep insight into the issues and pitfalls of implementing a production cluster. We cover a wide spectrum of topics from initial installation, simple indexing and querying through to visualisation with kibana, cluster management, performance tuning and problem resolution including, of course, all the war stories from the people who have actually done it for real. We won't waste time covering aspects of Elasticsearch that are well documented and covered by online examples, focusing instead on the things no textbook can teach you.

We can tailor the Elasticsearch course to provide a more gentle learning curve for delegates completely new to Elasticsearch or provide more detail on advanced topics for more experienced delegates.

The Elasticsearch course is designed and delivered by Ian Park, responsible for the successful delivery of one of the largest production Elasticsearch clusters to the UK Government.

If you are interested in attending one of our training courses please contact us: training@deepskyblue.com.

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At Deep Sky Blue we are very proud of the dynamic and supportive working environment we have created where talents are given every opportunity to shine. We help our people discover their strengths and give them the chance to do what they do best every day as well as actively supporting their career development.

In addition to a competitive package our employees work on important, interesting and challenging projects and have the chance to learn from highly talented and experienced people. Working at Deep Sky Blue, you will be part of a dynamic team where Agile and Lean principles and practices are the norm.

We are always on the lookout for talented, passionate and driven graduates with degrees in:

Computer Science, Software Engineering, Data Science, Creative Technologies, Engineering and Design or Mathematics

Available Roles:
Development Manager

At Deep Sky Blue we pride ourselves on our strong delivery track record and we understand what it takes to implement great software in complex environments that makes a difference to our customers. We often operate in large scale organisations with multiple stakeholders and the pressure of tight timescales.

How do we remain successful in the face of these challenges?

At the end of the day it all comes down to our people and ensuring that they have a clear direction and vision and that they are empowered to solve problems in the best way possible. This requires teams to be protected from bureaucracy whilst ensuring that decisions are made by programmes and projects such that they have the space, time, interactions and information to enable them to get on with delivering innovative and high quality changes is key to successful delivery, which is where our Development Managers come in.

Does this sound like you? Are you passionate about agile principles and do you have the knowledge and experience to be able to tailor the delivery approach to best fit with the customers needs? Do you relish the challenge of leading and inspiring teams to be successful? Do you have the confidence and skill to make the right decisions at the right time? Do you put your customers at the centre of your thinking and always work with them to ensure the best outcomes?

Software Engineer

Developing innovative and easy to use solutions that solve complex problems is at the heart of what we do and we have a number of opportunities for experienced software engineers to join Deep Sky Blue and make a real difference.

We are looking for bright, proactive developers with broad technical expertise who are self managing and passionate about implementing solutions that they would want to use. The solutions we deliver involve working with big data and large scale data analysis and cover a wide range of platforms and technologies including Enterprise Java, C# & .NET, Middleware (including JBoss & Weblogic), Relational, Graph & NoSQL Databases, Hadoop, MapReduce and JavaScript, Node.js, HTML5 and associated frameworks.

We know that the best solutions are delivered incrementally, with close customer involvement and regular demo and review points to ensure the end product is exactly what our clients want and need. To this end we need our developers to be at home working in an agile way and using agile engineering practices.

At Deep Sky Blue our developers get the chance to be involved in delivering world class solutions to some of the most interesting and unique challenges imaginable. If this sounds like something you'd like to be involved in; if you have experience in some of the technologies listed above and if you enjoy rising to a challenge, then we'd love to hear from you.

Test Analyst

At Deep Sky Blue we work for customers (including ourselves) that demand solutions of the highest quality. Our innovative solutions are only of value if they meet the needs of the business and can be successfully integrated into large scale and complex enterprises.

To ensure we achieve this we need experienced Test Analysts with a background in automation and an eye for detail. We are also on the look out for an Integration Manager with a proven track record in large scale systems integration combined with the ability to form excellent working relationships across a wide range of teams and customers.

We know how important it is to have passionate test professionals on our teams, not only to quality assure the solutions we deliver but to ensure our testing practices are embedded at every stage in the development lifecycle. Test automation lies at the heart of every successful delivery bringing enduring product quality beyond project end date. As such we are looking for our Test Analysts to provide expertise in a range of testing disciplines and relevant automation tools.

Make a difference, make an impact, make the future

In addition to a competitive package, we offer our employees the chance to work in an innovative, agile and supportive environment where your talents are given every opportunity to shine through, enabling you to make the difference that we and our clients need.

Send your CV to careers@deepskybluesolutions.com and we will be in touch.

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If you would like to get in touch, please use the details provided below. We would be happy to discuss how any of services could help your business.

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