It’s been a very busy time of late in the world of Deep Sky Blue and so I forced myself to take a brief step back today and reflect on how things are going.

I was impressed, and somewhat humbled, by what we have accomplished in a very short space of time. My excitement was renewed by the opportunities ahead and I have been re-energised by the prospect of working long into the future with the amazing team we are building here at DSB. I really must take a step back and reflect a bit more often!

I’d like to share some of this in what will be the first of a regular Deep Sky Blue blog….

When reflecting on what we have achieved, there is a natural tendency to look back at the things we have accomplished, pat ourselves on the back and stop there. However, when I did this it became immediately obvious that, whilst our major accomplishments to date are of value in their own right, our real achievement is in what they now enables us and our customers to do in the future. If we were a consultancy company we might brand this “Reflecting Forwards”. But, thankfully, we’re not, so we won’t!

Take, for example, the innovative work we are doing on our Automated Cyber Response System. After a very positive meeting with one of our key customers where we presented our research and reviewed the design, we are now making excellent progress on our prototype and have generated numerous ideas on how we can extend the value of the system beyond the original scope and into a future phase of development.

Related to this, our product development team have been hugely impressive in their proactivity, vision and engineering expertise and this have enabled us to look ahead to new research opportunities full of inspiration and confidence. We can’t wait to get our teeth into putting forward proposals for these two CDE calls on Interacting with Cyberspace and Open-source big data insight.

Our Solution Engineering side of the business is also off to a great start with a major bid win, project delivery underway and a happy customer that is already seeing the value we can add less than a month into development. Looking forward, this puts Deep Sky Blue and our partners in a great position for some very exciting and significant opportunities in the very near future.

Above all, as I looked back on the team we have started to build, and reflected forward on the amazing things the DSB team can achieve for our customers, it became clear that the future of our company and our customers will be a very bright and exciting one indeed.

That is something I’m very proud to be a part of, and we’re growing too. So, if you’d like to be a part of this as well then please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.